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Tarik Kindell's birthday is September 21. He would have turned 24 this year. We encourage friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones to honor Tarik by donating directly to the YMCA Leaders Club, Comunidad Connect, or Kennesaw State University. When making a donation, please specify that the donation is "in honor of" or "in tribute to" Tarik Irving Kindell.

Duluth Fall Festival

Modeling clothing designed by Palette. "In 2018 we came up with Palette. We wanted to create and learn new things together and make clothes. Although we never fully made it happen, it wasn’t a failure. We became much closer, distinguished our individual dreams, and found new ways to collaborate." ~ Mark

With Sophia, who created the two illustrations of Tarik. "The quote from Donald Glover described Tarik: 'Being happy is the goal, but greatness is my mission.' Tarik was always happy, and was truly the greatest. Legends never die, and I will never forget my dear friend. He lives on in our thoughts, our amazing memories, the advice he gave, and the impact he left on everyone who met him." ~ Sophia

The Technology Club, North Springs Charter High School.

"Tarik always wanted me to experience New York City and always told me how much he loves this place. I snap chatted with him Saturday morning when I landed in NYC, and this was the last message I got from him." ~ Nia

With Bailey and Mark. "Tarik meant the world to me, as he was one of my best friends. Always writing and planning ideas to make them reality, having fun throughout the whole process. He knew what he wanted, and he made sure to make it happen. He would tell me, 'You have to work on it every day if you want it to happen,' and that has always stuck with me. The best things you have to work for, and Tarik always pushed for me to know that. He is and forever will be my biggest inspiration. ~ Bailey

Getting head shaved by an Atlanta Falcons player in support of conquering childhood cancer in Sam Thrower's memory.

With Nia at Regina and Nathan's wedding.

With friends at Snow Zone, Stone Mountain Park, Georgia.

With Mark and Bailey. "School friends turned into best friends quickly when I introduced you to the people around me. You were the piece that tied our group together and were known as the 'funniest person I’ve ever met' to everybody you came into contact with. ~ Mark

"Rolling with the homies!"

"The Premier Pod"

Calling all Jokers...

"We visited our dear friend Tarik’s Mom and Family. Even though it was with saddened hearts, I am thankful as we were able to rejoice in the memories that Tarik left with each one of us. One of the many things we all remembered about Tarik was his love for dance. His lovely momma Diane shared with us that they used to love to dance together to “LA Girls” by Charlie Puth, so (with my very obvious lack of dancing skills) we were able to celebrate his life with his momma." ~ Pam

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Here we are. Great Aunties and Uncles.

At a bookstore in San Francisco. Even when on vacation he's buying books.

Brotherly love with big brother, Sharod.

With Grandma Caroline, Uncle Askia, Uncle Rufie and Mom. "I'll miss Tarik being sent to my hotel room to 'babysit' during family vacations. I won't miss cleaning up after him, though. Love you forever." ~ Grandma Caroline

"We're the next textbook cover."

With Christian Felner aka Felly.

"We got gifts. Santa Claus House, North Pole, Alaska."

With Killer Mike and El-P of Run the Jewels.

"My beloved son Tarik was everything you could hope for and dream of in a son. He was very bright and spiritually awakened and was due to graduate in spring 2022 with bachelor of science degree in computer engineering, like his Dad. He was also a gifted writer, and lived an exemplary life. Tarik didn’t transition in vain, and his name will be lifted up. God Bless His Soul." ~ Rodney

Charlene and Tarik, both members of the YMCA Leaders Club.

"And... that's a wrap!"

Tarik with Safdie Brothers at NYC Diamond District.

"I raised Tarik from the age of 4, taught him to ride a bicycle, drive a car, and many other life lessons throughout his short life. I always believed he would do big things, so I pushed him to do the right things and stay focused. I am happy that he knew God and believed in him, so I am confident that our Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father is taking care of Tarik. He was a kind, caring, loving, smart, confident and God-fearing young man. I truly miss Tarik." ~ Lucian

Listening to jazz at The Velvet Note in Alpharetta with Auntie Nyisha and Mom.

"You enlightened our lives with your personality and had so many plans and dreams. I was 100% sure you were gonna accomplish them. Your goofiness, laugh, everything that made you special and unique is going to be missed. You believed in a second death, when nobody said your name anymore and your memory would be forgotten. I promise you, my friend, that is not gonna happen! You touched many lives, made many people happy, made us want to keep talking about you. We love you." ~ Regina & Nathan

"Thank you. I love you, Mom."

With cousins, cousins, cousins galore at Davis-Sample Family Reunion.

Best man and groom--first dance.

With Nathan, Jarod, and Billy.

With Jarod.

With Uncle Askia and cousin Akhenaton at One World Trade Center, New York. "Tarik impacted the lives of many young people. His journey here, although brief, was Blessed!" ~ Askia

With Mom and Uncle Rufie, holding a picture of great-grandmother, Mattie Bell Davis.

As Yo Gabba Gabba's Brobee EVERY year for Halloween!

Alpharetta High School graduation.

With Jarod and Stephan--trying to recapture their childhood.

With fellow students at iD Tech summer computer camp, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.

"On the night of 6/10/21, family and friends gathered at sundown to send lanterns to heaven in honor of Tarik. It rained and it was a challenge to get those lanterns to fly. Love and faith overcame the weather, however. Tarik touched every life in this photo and so many more. Until we meet again, we will watch for you in the call of a bird, the brush of the wind on our face or in the majesty of a summer storm. Thank you God for the blessing of Tarik in our lives." ~ Ben

Best man Tarik with groom and groomsmen, aka Kingsman, at Nathan & Regina's wedding.

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