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Meet Tarik Irving Kindell

aka Yung Cantaloupe

Tarik Irving Kindell was born on September 21, 1998, in New York City. The beloved son of Diane Davis and Rodney Kindell, and stepson of Lucian Thomas, was tragically taken from us on May 30, 2021, at age 22. During his brief journey here, Tarik gave and received more love and kindness than many will experience who live long into their senior years. The comments below about Tarik speak to a life well-lived and to the mutual love, laughter, joy, and appreciation that filled any space where Tarik was present.


“Tarik was loving, kind, and spiritual. He was due to graduate with a degree in computer engineering at Kennesaw State in spring 2022. He loved music and creative writing. He was creating a pathway to use those interests to write insightful and uplifting screenplays to spread hope and faith in a troubled world. Throughout his life, I poured so much of myself into him so that he may have a solid and fulfilling future, and I shall continue to do so by honoring his dreams through the Tarik I. Kindell Scholarship Fund. Tarik, my Yung Cantaloupe, forever and always in my heart.” 

~ Diane, mom


“Tarik was one of those guys who had such an effortlessly bright presence—he never, ever, missed an opportunity to make a witty joke, a stupid joke, a ruthless joke. ... As one of the funniest, most approachable guys I knew, I knew that he rubbed off on others too—his aura was contagious.” 

~ Gaurav, high school friend

“These past few months, I noticed that you were posting in a FB screenwriting group that I am also in. And you were asking questions about writing for animation and I was so excited to see that, as I know you’d be perfect in entertainment! It's so unfair we won't get to see what you would have created.” 

~ Charlene, co-member, YMCA Leaders Club


“Always astute and intelligent and WITTY if not downright hysterical. He was funny, open minded and what Buddhists call a ‘bodhisattva,’ a person of great compassion, empathy and love for the world.” 

~ Alex, elementary school friend


“You were a great friend, academic scholar, and one of the funniest persons I've ever met. … we started rap battling on the tennis court. You called yourself Yung Cantaloupe and gave me my signature name Yung Peach… I will forever cherish the laughs we shared and the many, many eye rolls between the two of us, lmao." 

Jaxon, high school friend


“He was 22 years old and had life figured out. He was kind to everyone, and would stop strangers walking by to ask how their day was. ... He was a beautiful soul and this world is missing so much without him.” 

~ Sophia, friend and colleague


Tarik is in our hearts eternally!

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